Apakah Neobux Sudah Menjadi PTC Scam

Sebenarnya ane sudah tidak main ptc neobux cukup lama, karena PO membutuhkan waktu yang sangat lama, apalagi jika hanya mengandalkan dari hasil click ads saja. Tapi pas ane baca di group facebook ada yang bilang Neobux scam, ane jadi kaget apa iya ptc yang udah lama dan katanya raja PTC sudah menjadi PTC scam.

Setelah ane browsing akhirnya dapat jawaban dari blognya ptc investigation. Hasil review lengkapnya sebagai berikut:

Is NeoBux a Scam? Full Review

If you are visiting this website most probably is that you are looking for answer to know if NeoBux is a Scam? So let’s find out the truth:

NeoBux Owner/Alias: “Fernando” of Portugal
Site is Online Since: 2008

There are several evidences publicly available all over the internet and reports of many users who lost their money. I’ll expose every fact below and you are free to draw your own conclusions.
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NeoBux Evidence #1

Let’s start talking about the Neobux referral scheme that has been underway for over 8 years.
The Neobux scheme is exposed all over the Internet and Forums, just do a quick search on google and in many forums on the internet and you’ll find many stories of users who lost their money to NeoBux.

That’s right, you do not got it wrong many users have daily financial loss in Neobux!

Only a few sites of several that exposes the Neobux scheme:
The “Real” Truth about Neobux
Neobux scam complaints. The truth exposed
Neobux.com Is Not Good For You
Neobux Invest 150$ and lost everything
The real truth about neobux
First let’s clear up, a site that pays does not means it is an honest system. What defines an honest site are their attitudes and Admin commitment. So bear with me:
Pay crumbs for some users just to get attract investors, promising false hopes and high profit is only part of the game and it certainly is not correct even honest.
Manipulate results and give financial looss to the most users is not honest!

NeoBux Evidence #2

All the dirt is beginning to appear, now let’s talk about the lack of transparency.
The NeoBux Admin, Mr. Fernando, is aware of this and try to do everything to hide it tooth and nail.
As many already know, the neobux forum is a dictatorship. Several topics that expose the referral scheme within the NeoBux Forum are deleted every day without any explanation. In other words, you can not tell the truth and even report their sad story of loss, otherwise you will be banned from the site.
This is the only reason why we see a peaceful environment in your Forum, as they censor the truth. Otherwise the Neobux Forum would be chaos.
See the comments below, where obviously were posted on a forum on the Internet, where the Neobux admin can not censor the truth.
Neobux Admin, loves to argue with lies, one of their main arguments is that all the comments that are on the internet telling the truth on your website are fake, including the comments posted here. So here is a proof of the lack of character, because it is just one of several topics with different users exposing this scheme. Bear with me, a site that has nothing to hide will never need to censor their own users.

NeoBux Evidence #3

As many already know, the Neobux Admin shows false statistics on their homepage, to try to induce you to invest money and use the money invested by you, to sustain this scheme.
They show that paid $92,444,85 US dollars yesterday, look the image below:

Neobux show that paid $92,444,85 yesterday, but in their own forum denounced the lie.
In Neobux Forum (Payment Section) on a daily basis has only 16 new payment proofs!
Sum all the values of the payment proofs posted that day and the total amount is only $130,52!
This value is well below what is shown on the homepage, agree with me?

It is very funny if you think about it! A liar Admin does not deserve our respect.
Do you still think that lying is sign of honesty? Think twice, keep reading…

NeoBux Evidence #4

Now let’s talk about the unfair competition practiced by this site.
NeoBux tends to reject and delete ads of some advertisers who try to advertise other PTC sites. They simply delete such the ads, that besides being unfair is totally unethical.
Any large PTC site that grows quickly and be a threat to Neobux and its hegemony, will be blocked on your site without any explanation. It’s just another dirty attempt to try to stay on top.

NeoBux Evidence #5

Neobux Admin has spoof the Alexa rank using your own site.
See the image of Neobux Alexa rank between 2012 and 2013:

Now, note that in the old ranking your site was at #62.
Neobux rank as a magically jumped from night to day 400 positions!
When the admin realized that was discovered your rank how magically dropped sharply, see:

Cool right?

Final Note

The revision has been updated to put all the due credits to sites, videos and Forum which published the scheme that Neobux is running for years.
Unlike Neobux Admin who can not prove anything of what he says, I have all the proof and evidence that are publicly available to all who wish to see.
Evidence #1:
Neobux scam complaints. The truth exposed
Neobux.com Is Not Good For You
Neobux Invest 150$ and lost everything
Evidence #2:
I got banned from neobux forum!
Please do not waste your money at neobux!
Evidence #3:
Neobux Faking stats and hits!
Evidence #4:
Unfair competition
Evidence #5:
Neobux Spoof Ranking – Before
Neobux Spoof Ranking – After
The Neobux Admin tried to dodge the evidence without success in their forum, and just showed your own lying face. All the arguments he used to try to deny were merely lies, and thus not presented any concrete evidence and only unfounded words.
Just a little information to Neobux Admin, right now, I have paid and renew the rental domain for the next three months, so for your deep sadness this review will be online for at least 3 months, and if the domain owner does not sell it and agree to rent it for longer I would not hesitate to pay for renew it again.
Feels wronged? Feel free to sue the owner of the domain, and then sue me. I’m sure that justice will love to know more about your referral scheme and analyze the evidence thoroughly.
Here are concrete evidence rather than just words without any foundation that you love to talk.
You like to say you’re having fun? I doubt that you’re having more fun than me.
After all, the more I search in the Internet, the more I found evidence against your site spread all over the internet. I will continue searching and updating this news to your fun does not stop. 😉

So, Is NeoBux a Scam?

If you read up all the evidence, you certainly already know the answer.
My advice, be careful and draw your own conclusions about Neobux.

We’ll continue to monitor this site and review neobux. If anyone would like to share their experience that they had with this site, whether it is good or bad, feel free to do below.

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